ZACHARY YOUNG is the CEO of Next Level Universe and the founder of Underdog Strategy. He specializes in working with small to medium business owners to rapidly grow and scale their businesses efficiently through the use of critical numbers and strategic systems. He first discovered his unique ability to help underdogs gain their edge in the market while working for a small startup where he helped to take them pass the million-dollar revenue mark. He then went on to repeat this feat for a few more clients before eventually crystalizing the method into what is now known as the Slingshot Maneuver.

During the peak of the COVID pandemic, Zachary managed to scale one of his clients’ businesses from $1 million annual revenue to $10 million in annual revenue within the span of one year. This resulted in him being hired to be the CEO of the company, a role which he is still currently active in.

In his free time, Zachary can be found playing strategic games and trying to outwit the next fellow opponent.