Vincent Seet

Vincent has fifteen years of teaching experience. Of which, he spent ten years preparing students for international examinations set by the University of London. During the past fifteen years of his educational career, he has held appointments as Vice Principal, Chief Education Officer, Quality Manager and Programme Director. In the course of his career, he also participated in various international sociology conferences and presented a number of research papers with subjects ranging from education to tourism.

Vincent loves nature and enjoys outdoor activites such as trekking and photography. Having had the opportunity to carry out charity work in Nepal has changed Vincent’s view about his life mission. Today, he works towards sharing happiness and providing proper education for the children in Nepal and other third world countries.

He has an online art gallery that exhibits his different styles of artwork, ranging from portrait, comic sketches to water colour painting. In 2008, he worked with Laxius Force Staff Team (France) as the leading concept artist for the game Laxius Force I, II and III.

Having spent the past fifteen years in the educational field and thirty years pursuing his passion and love for the arts, Vincent finally fulfills his dream in writing his first book, Beyond the Twilight Horizon.