About the Translator

TEE Kim Tong

TEE Kim Tong [Zhang Jinzhong in pinyin] was born in Pahang in 1956, now lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC, where he is Associate Professor of English and American literature at National Sun Yat-sen University. His fields of interest include Modernism, Anglophone and Sinophone Southeast Asian literature, diaspora studies, and translation studies. He is the author of books in Chinese such as Studying Southeast Asian Chinese: Essays on Chinese-Malaysian Literature and Cultural Identity (2003), On Sinophone Malaysian Literature (2011), and Miscellanies: Essaying Sinophone Malaysian Literature (2015). He recently published, in Chinese, Silently, Like a River, a poetry collection, and Gecko, a story collection. A new book of essays, Miscellanies II: Essaying Sinophone Malaysian Literature is in press.