Teacher Deddy

Born in Indonesia, Deddy Setiadi moved to Singapore when he was in Primary Five. Deddy graduated summa cum laude (with highest distinction) in finance and economics from the Singapore Management University in 2015 with double degrees in Business Management (BBM) and Science (BSc). It was also where he was exposed to programming.

After graduation, Deddy began a career in General Electric in the Financial Management Program. But his passion for teaching and mentoring inspired him to greater heights. From the young age of 15, Deddy discovered the joy of teaching, finding true satisfaction in stimulating his students’ interests in particular subjects and developing their mindset. Reflecting on his own experiences, Deddy decided to pursue his passion through teaching programming to children and youth. He hopes to contribute towards building a Smart Nation by boosting digital literacy among the young. Deddy is the co-founder of Kodecoon Academy, a coding institution that dedicates professional expertise to applied programming.