Suchana Swangsrisuthikul

Suchana is the author of I Wanna Be Rich. Suchana is the founder of Success Power International and the Jai Thai group of restaurants in Singapore.

Her interest in the human subconscious mind led to her discovery of powerful life-changing techniques that allowed her to tap into her mind power. She has been applying these techniques in her career, business, and personal life for the past 17 years and her life has since taken a different turn.

Inspired by her own progress from a housewife to a successful business owner with a happy family, Suchana conducted more research on how to effectively tap into this unused power within every one of us. She knew that if these techniques worked so well to improve her life, then others can learn the same techniques and benefit too.

Well-known for her workshops that deliver real results, Suchana has trained both locally and internationally in the area of subconscious mind development, and has helped thousands around the world develop their mind power to make lasting positive changes to their lives.

She is also a certified hypnotherapist from the National Guild of USA, a certified Breathwork practitioner, and the creator of PowerBreath for Weight-Loss – a unique weight-loss program that shows measurable results just by breathing right.