Steven Lock

Steven Lock is the Founder and High Performance Strategist at FutureTHINK! Training & Consultancy. He is also a speaker, trainer, author, and leadership coach. As a high performance strategist, Steven trains and consults with organisations and individuals to enable them to reach peak performance through building high performance teams based on the CAAP® High Performance Model.

Steven is also the author of Hiring for Performance: The CAAP® Model to Hiring and Building High-Performance Teams and The Right Talent: The Agility-Focussed Interviewing Approach to Hiring the Right Candidate Every Time, as well as the developer of the Leadership Style Questionnaire™ that is based on Dr Daniel Goleman’s research on leadership styles.

Steven has been interviewed on MediaCorp’s 938FM radio show, The Breakfast Club, and has contributed numerous articles to the Singapore Business Review, Straits Times Recruit, LinkedIn, and other publications. Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited, Coca-Cola Singapore, Cambridge Industrial Trust Management Limited, OM Group Electronic Chemicals, Schlumberger, Tyco International and International SOS are some of the clients Steven has worked closely with.