Sheryn Yeo

Sheryn Yeo is the founder of the Dream Achievers Club, a personal development blog that serves to support people who aspire to achieve their dreams.

Sheryn believes that there is great potential in each and every one of us waiting to be uncovered, and she wants to bring across this message that everyone has what it takes to live an extraordinary life, and be greatly successful at it. This is the reason for the birth of The Audacity to Dream.

After graduating from the top schools in Singapore, she joined the corporate world full of hopes for the future. Everything seemed ideal in her life, with her career and family set in place. However,she felt there was something missing in her life and began her search for the meaning of life. While on a personal discovery journey, she discovered her life purpose—to be someone who inspires and empowers people from all over the world to live a life doing what they love. In 2011, she bade farewell to her corporate job to live her higher purpose as a life coach.

Today, Sheryn works with many adults and students to help them clarify their life directions and bring out the best in them.