There was a time when you would often see Shaun having lunch all by himself because people found him difficult to get along with. He would spend most of his time working. Even when he was on vacation with his family, he would often think and worry about his work, and ended up getting impatient with his wife and daughters. His life seemed to centre around himself—always busy doing stuff, being productive, achieving goals and getting promotions. Career-wise, it could be said that he was “successful”. However, it was anything but beyond that. It is not surprising that he went through several episodes of burnouts and depressions.

But that was a long time ago.

These days, Shaun is affectionately known as “Uncle Shaun” to most of his colleagues, even his immediate supervisor at work. He is the go-to person whenever anyone seeks a listening ear or needs advice on work, relationship or just about anything. It is quite a common sight to see him surrounded by various colleagues over coffee. Uncle Shaun is more than happy to give everyone the time and space to throw everything out on the table and help them think and navigate around their issues. His life now centres around making a difference to others. If you happen to ask him what has caused the change in him, his answer may surprise you.