Ooi Lay Yong

Ooi Lay Yong is the author of Born to Move: 5 Steps to Achieve Mobility Fitness & Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains. Since Lay Yong was introduced to Pilates in early 2000, she has been practising and teaching it. After becoming a qualified Pilates teacher, she continues her education with teachers in various fields of movement and exercise regimes.

Lay Yong is the co-founder of Pilates BodyTree (Singapore). She specializes in working with high powered executives in their forties to regain their energy to stay at peak performance and enjoy the fun activities they had missed out on, while busy building their careers.

She is also the co-founder of BodyTree Academy that offers an internationally-recognised Pilates teacher training programme and continuing education for fitness professionals in South East Asia.

She is known for her sound knowledge of human anatomy and muscle structures, and hence is able to craft movements that help strengthen and mobilise parts of the body to help manage or avoid aches and pains.

Lay Yong is passionate about helping others stay healthy and enjoy life’s pleasures without physical pain. She lives by the motto—Movement is Life. Life is Movement.