Maxine Teo

MAXINE TEO is a trilingual motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and performance coach with a passion to colourfully impact and inspire lives.

In the past two decades of working with diverse teams across the globe, she has successfully helped countless leaders, sales professionals, and individual contributors from diverse industries to raise their game in their respective fields. She is an active sales practitioner and has vast experiences from having worked in financial services, real estate, events management, and the media. Maxine brings practicality, relevance and relatability to her audiences. She is highly regarded for her ability to turn complicated concepts into easily digestible applications in a fun and engaging way.

 Maxine has received multiple awards from various international training and education institutions, in recognition for excellent work delivered to her corporate clients. She also received the Best Personal Brand Award in 2017 as a “Colourful Inspirer”. She is a Certified True Colors® facilitator and an accredited trainer with professional certifications from the Singapore Training and Development Association. Her fluency in spoken and written English,
Mandarin, and Cantonese, together with her colourful personality and magnetic high energy, makes her a highly sought-after speaker and trainer everywhere she goes.