Low Kee Yang

LOW KEE YANG, PhD, is an associate professor of law at Singapore Management University (SMU) and has been in academia for some 35 years. He has taught numerous undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including Contract Law, Company Law, Law of Torts, Financial Advisers Law, Legal Environment of Business and Legal Knowledge and Strategy. His book publications include The Law of Guarantees in Singapore & Malaysia, The Executive’s Guide to Business & the Law, Read the Fine Print: Avoiding Major Legal Pitfalls and Halsbury’s Laws of
Singapore, Vol 6, Company Law. He has also written numerous articles on a wide spectrum of legal topics.

Dr Low was part of the start-up team of SMU in 1998 and headed the SMU School of Law as its Interim Dean when it began in 2007. He regularly conducts seminars for lawyers as well as non-lawyers and occasionally gives legal opinions to law firms.

Outside of law, Dr Low’s interests include nature, photography, music, badminton and reading.