Lippy Ngawikisa Jiram

Lippy Ngawikisa Jiram is a teacher by profession. He has taught in Wesley High in Milne Bay Province, Martyrs’ Memorial in Northern Province, Lae High, Siassi High, Markham Valley and Bumayong in Morobe. His is currently teaching Business Studies and Accounting in Bumayong Secondary in Lae.

Lippy Ng Jiram is from Mitsing Village, Yarus, Kaiapit of Markham District in Morobe Province.

He left teaching at one stage of his career to run his own small business, but returned to teaching after realising that there is a need to impart basic skills in accounting, cash flow management and basic small business management to both students and small business owners. In this way, they could use the acquired knowledge in the management of small businesses. This has inspired him to write related books.