Kwa Yiqian

Kwa Yiqian is the author of One Step From Paradise: An Adventure into Northern Xinjiang. Trained in accountancy, Yi Qian joined a Big Four accounting firm as an auditor for two and a half years, including a seven-month stint in Beijing.

In late 2008 however, Yi Qian decided she no longer wanted to waste precious moments of her life on a career she lacked passion for.

It was during this time that her cousin and best friend introduced her to coaching.

From then on, life took on a whole new direction.

With the clarity gained from coaching, Yi Qian started her own business in the midst of the financial crisis.

Today, she owns the exclusive distribution rights for the organic rose skincare brand from UK, Persian Rose. Details can be found at:

Inspired by her personal breakthroughs, Yi Qian is also training as a coach to help others live life to the fullest as they embark on a truly rewarding journey of self-discovery.