Jean-Francois Cousin

Jean-Francois Cousin became an executive coach in 2006, and has since coached hundreds of executives working in a great variety of positions, most often on leadership development, strategic planning, career orientation, work-life balance and cross-cultural management. His clients originate from over 15 nationalities: Singaporeans, Thais, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, Europeans, North and South Americans, Australians, Middle-Easterners, and Japanese. Jean-Francois also regularly coaches groups of executives on leadership, strategy, trust and productive conflict, change management, and staff engagement. His cross-cultural workshops are attended by hundreds of executives every year and his public-speaking engagements have attracted thousands of participants.

Prior to becoming an accredited coach, Jean-Francois occupied management positions in manufacturing, marketing business development, and general management, which took him to the four corners of the globe, and over 10 years in Asia-Pacific. Jean Francois graduated as an engineer and received senior executive education from Duke University, USA.