Jacky Chua

Jacky Chua is the Founder of Inspiral Coaching and a Professional Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF Singapore). With his vast experience in communication, management and leadership accrued over a decade, Jacky guides, mentors and coaches Financial Advisors and Agency Leaders in aspects of performance and personal breakthrough.

Over the years, he has had the privilege to work with individuals from assorted backgrounds across the various insurance companies. Jacky has spoken to, trained and coached numerous professionals, from newly contracted Finanacial Advisors looking to shorten their learning curve, to experienced Financial Advisors soaring new heights and breaking new boundaries.

Jacky is an Advocator of Individualised Coaching Approach, that coaching should be tailored and specially catered to an individual’s uniqueness, adjusting according to the distinctive personality, learning style, strength and weakness, in a progressive way. In his personal coaching sessions, Jacky uses a variety of psychological techniques to help professionals achieve breakthroughs and positive outcomes. Coaching structured in this manner wlll have maximum control and unlimited potentials in the direction of growth, hence enabling 100% guaranteed advancement towards set objectives.

Jacky possesses and uncanny analytical ability, particularly towards moving up the ladder in management and taking on the responsibility of leadership. He is also able to strategise accordingly so as to render support to Agency Leaders in recruitment and promotion. Jacky believes that every individual can always make a significant change in any aspect of their existence in a positive way, by uncovering and maximising hidden potentials and bringing those attributes to the conscious plane, allowing application to be directed through concentrated and focused actions over time.

Coalescing verbal as well as non-verbal communications, amalgamated with powerful questioning techniques with powerful questioning techniques targeting at sub-conscious plane, there is no doubt in his ability to transfer the necessary understaniding to unleash an impactful presentation. He is zealous in extending these vital knowledge and skills to his clients.

Connect with Jacky Chua personally at inspiral.coaching.