Han Kok Kwang

Han Kok Kwang has a ringside seat at the “Global Auction” because he has been in the game for more than 27 years as Senior Manager of a Global Corporation, international MBA lecturer and Career Development Entrepreneur. He wrote this book to equip mentors of today’s youth and themselves to play to win in the Global Auction.

Han is the 1st International Master Trainer in ASEAN for the internationally renowned certification for career professionals, Career Development Facilitator (CDF), awarded by the National Career Development Association (USA). He has written 5 career strategy books (including 2 Bestsellers) including his latest release Million Dollar Mission: Exploring career success with your youth, won 2 national awards for personal excellence and raised more than $80,000 for the less fortunate with his books. He has also helped more than 50,000 motivated individuals from 8 countries navigate their career transition successfully through his books, seminars and workshops.