George Chong

George Chong is the author of Inorganic Chemistry Made Easy and Organic Chemistry Made Easy . After  graduating  from  Hwa  Chong  Junior College,  George  went  on  to  the  National University of Singapore to obtain his Bachelor of  Science  (Honours)  in Chemistry. His many passions  range  from  participating  in endurance  sport  events  to  writing,  teaching and  imparting  his  knowledge  to  students.  A firm  believer  that  Chemistry  is  the  central science, George went on to pursue his Masters in  Science  (Sports  Science)  degree  which allowed  him  to  integrate  his  Chemistry  and Biochemistry  knowledge  with  the  field  of Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics.

George  has  been  teaching  Chemistry  for  19 years, with the first 16 years of his teaching career in schools. He  believes  that  to  be  a  good  teacher, one  has  to  be  able  to  relate  concepts  and enthuse students of different ability levels. He is  humbled  to  have  had  the  opportunity  to teach  students  from many  different walks  of life, ranging from normal technical students in Zhenghua Secondary  to high-ability prodigies in  Hwa  Chong  Junior  College  and  NUS  High School of Math and Science. His last school was Anglo Chinese School (Independent) where he taught the International Baccalaureate programme. As a senior teacher for four years, he assisted in spearheading the Chemistry department. Since 2012, George and his wife Lynn, have started their own tuition place, Eureka Education ( to continue their love for imparting knowledge.

George believes  in constantly keeping himself abreast of  the developments  in  the subject  in order  to  be  able  to  share  his  knowledge effectively  with  his  students.  Chemistry reference  books  written  by  local  authors  for local  students  are  currently  lacking.  Schools provide  good  lecture  notes,  but  students frequently  complain  of  lack  of  practice exercises  or  lack  of  exposure  to  difficult questions. It  is  for  this  reason  that  this  study guide was written by him. It contains both the concepts and worked examples  that  illustrate these concepts.  In  this  study guide,  there are more  than  one  hundred  examples  with detailed explanations to cater to students of all levels of intellect.