Felicia Tan

Felicia Tan comes from a humble family. Being the eldest daughter, she is used to working her way through life to achieve what she wants. After graduating with a Diploma in Electronics, Computing and Telecommunications, she went on to work at a semiconductor company that she was bonded to. It was at this place that she met her husband and their story began to unfold.

Unhappy with her job, she worked hard to study part-time so that she could join the graphic design industry. Having witnessed the hardship that her mum had to go through when she was an employee, Felicia eventually started her own design company so that she could enjoy the flexibility to look after her own children one day.

A few years after her marriage, she and her husband decided to start planning for a family. Unfortunately, fate had it that it was difficult for her to conceive. But she refused to give up. Follow her on this poignant, personal journey as she overcame the odds to strive towards her goals, and found joy, pain and healing along the way.