Prof (Dr) Kumaran Rajaram

Prof (Dr) Kumaran Rajaram is a Senior Lecturer and Course Chair at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He is a Renaissance Engineering Programme (REP) Fellow, which is one of NTU’s Premier Scholars Programmes, and a Senior Research Fellow with CRADLE. Dr. Rajaram has a PhD with distinction in Business and Management (majoring in organisational science and cultural intelligence). He has received multiple school, university, and national level research grants and awards. He has served as an editor and reviewer, and has published articles in international journals and conferences. He has over 18 years of leadership and senior management experience in strategic and change management, organisational development, and management consulting. He has served as Section Head, Engineering, Director of Academic Affairs and Head, Strategy & Business Development for Asia Pacific, and then as CEO for a global leadership and change management consulting firm before he made the transition to research and education. Organisations to which he has offered his expert consulting services include Microsoft, General Electric, Energizer, Siemens, NCS, SIM Global Education, Ferrero Rocher, SINDA, and many more. Dr Rajaram is the Founder of the Research Lab for Learning Innovations and Culture of Learning—Innosolvlearn, Creative Solutions ( He is a practising C-Suite Executive Coach and Management Consultant in the area of leadership, people and culture, and change management.