Dr. Jiang Yili

Jiang Yili is the author of Comparative Study between Buddhism and Hinduism. Dr. Jiang Yili was born in China, received her B.A. from Zhengzhou University, M.A. from the chinese Academy of Social Science & Peking University, and Ph.D from University of Delhi, India. She is currently Director of Political Section, the Embassy of P.R.C in Singapore.

Prior to Joining Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Dr Jiang Yili was Associate Professor and Deputy Director, Division of Security and Foreign Policy Studies Institute of Asian-Pacific Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing. Some of her previous experience and positions include: Editor, The Commercial Press, Bejing;  First Secretary, Embassy of the P.R.C in U.S.A Deputy Director, Centre for South Asia Studies, Chinese Academy of Socail Sciences; Visiting Scholar, the Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies, Hawaii, U.S.A

She has published several books and numerous articles on Indian religion, culture, politics and international relations.