Collin Seow

Collin Seow is the founder of, TradersGPS, and The Systematic Trader – a trading and investment program boasting a community of more than 5,000 students to date.

He is a qualified Chartered Portfolio Manager (CPM) holding a Certified Financial Technician (CTFe) qualification, and is also a member of MENSA Singapore. As an ex Top-Tier Principal Remisier with Phillip Securities, PhillipCFD had also awarded him the Top 10 Achievers for 5 consecutive years.

A regular speaker at various financial conferences, he combines his unique brand of “street-smarts with heart” in trading. He was also a bi-weekly Columnist of Shares Investment Publications and has been featured in the book titled Secrets of Highly Profitable Traders which was in The Straits Times national bestseller list for 24 weeks.

A charismatic trainer, he equips even the man on the street with trading and investment strategies to help him navigate the increasingly complex financial markets.4