Chung Yin Wah

As an educator for over 40 years, Yin Wah always believed in two things: There is nothing we cannot learn to do better, and no learning that we cannot share to benefit others.

As she neared retirement, Yin Wah started to find out everything she could about retirement planning and preparation from books, reports, articles, workshops, seminars, talks, blogs, and speaking with experts – including pre-, recent-, and long-time retirees. She realised that there are different aspects to retirement, all essential to retire happy, and many opportunities and resources to tap on. Yet, there was no one comprehensive resource in the Singapore context that was available for ready reference. Having learned so much, she realised that what she had distilled for herself could be put together to share with and benefit others in Singapore, who are also seeking to retire happy.

This is the book she could not find.