Cheong Choy Kiew

Choy Kiew has over thirty years of working experience in senior leadership positions across the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South Africa. She has established a record of developing, mentoring, coaching, and motivating colleagues and teams to excel in their performance and in delivering outstanding value to the business.

Choy Kiew started her career as a statistician in the Singapore Ministry of Health. It was in AstraZeneca, where she spent twenty-seven years of her career, that she developed her capabilities in leading across complex, multi-country, multi-ethnic organisational structures within the Asia-Pacific region. During her career in AstraZeneca, she has lived and worked in Japan and in China. Her last corporate role was in IQVIA, heading the Quality Assurance team in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South Africa.

In 2019, Choy Kiew left the corporate world to kick-start a new career as an executive coach. She is an ICF credentialled Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and has also obtained certification as a Shared Leadership Coach with Leadership In Motion.

Choy Kiew coaches executives to develop their leadership potential and to live a life of authenticity, both at the workplace and the home front. She works with teams to achieve high performance through effective
collaboration and communication, where the culture and values of the organisation are built into the core of every employee. Her coaching philosophy is based on continuous learning and growth whilst optimising
every relationship, making every interaction count. Coaching with Choy Kiew is result-focused.