Bernadette Chua

Bernadette is the author of Fly Free. A passionate advocate of personal empowerment, Bernadette believes that every individual possesses the innate ability for positive change. If you dare to dream, you can most certainly fly free to achieve that dream, declares Bernadette.

Since 1990, her forte and passion has been coaching teenagers and adults at home, school, and the workplace. Her expertise includes resourcing for effective communications and behavioural change, and development of motivational strategies to create inspiring work cultures for improved performance. Through her “Dream Catalyst” talks and workshops, she helps people attain their peak physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

A firm believer that personal fitness can be enhanced through universal energy and one’s own life force, she is a USA-certified Quantum-Touch® energy practitioner and instructor, conducting workshops and consultations for groups and individuals, as well as chakra-enhancing and healing.