Adeline Yeo

ADELINE YEO is glad her stint as a food and wine journalist along with a moment of epiphany after several lavish meals led her to the best decision she ever made — to dedicate her life to making education fun, meaningful, enriching and accessible to every child. It is with this that she set out to further her education and obtain her Masters in Teaching English to Young Learners. Despite being a journalism major in Mass Communication, she thoroughly enjoyed sharing discourse with fellow educators. Adeline aims to continue research on making English proficiency attainable for disadvantaged students via PhD studies in the near future. In the meantime, she does what she does best — delivering lessons in a style that she knows captivates students to the beauty and allure of the English Language.

What drives Adeline in her mission to help every student ace their exams is knowing that lessons with students go beyond academics and that youths can be empowered to impact positive change in the world. When Adeline is not enjoying her time in class with students whom she regards as great friends, she is furiously thinking of ways to better teaching approaches. In her free time, she enjoys time with family and her four-year-old son on adventures at museums, gallivanting around the globe, or living vicariously through the world of books and literature.