Abdul Rasheed Doad

Abdul Rasheed Doad is the author of the book My True Hero: Real First Aid for the Real World as well as the world’s first series of first aider development programs such as the My True Hero® and My True Hero® II, My True Hero® Extreme Teams, My True Hero® Natural Leadership Program and My True Hero® Ultimate Trainer Certification.

For almost 10 years, Abdul Rasheed Doad has been showing everyday people how to perform real first aid for the real world, using street-smart techniques used by first responders and paramedics.

Abdul Rasheed Doad is the Founder and Director of Singapore First Aid Training Centre, the fastest-growing First Aid School in Singapore and the region.

Backed by 6 years of experience as an emergency paramedic with the Singapore’s emergency ambulance service, Abdul Rasheed Doad has handled thousands of real-life emergency cases–ranging from minor daily emergencies to critical situations that require split-second life-and-death decisions.

With his extensive training and his ability to connect and inspire his students, Abdul Rasheed Doad has developed one of the most effective and sought after first aid training programs in Singapore. His programs have impacted the lives of tens of thousand of people the world over, empowering them to step forward and save lives in times of emergency.