Our Strengths

  1. Strength in Creative Conceptualisation
  2. Strength in Editorial and Design
  3. Strength in Production, Distribution and Publicity


Strength in Creative Conceptualisation

As a home-grown Singapore publisher, Candid Creation Publishing is discerning in the choice of authors we work with and the books we conceptualize and publish.  We have always valued quality over quantity as our vision is to build a brand name for “Published in Singapore” books.

Whether they are fiction or non-fiction; children’s books or self-improvement how-to’s; or custom publications commissioned by corporations, we take pride in each and every title we publish because we put our name and reputation behind every book. We treat our authors as our friends and, with their best interests at heart, we guide them through every stage of the publishing process. Our greatest satisfaction is in seeing the many happy faces of our authors when their dream of becoming a published author comes true.

Our high standards in creative conceptualization has won us support from a number of Singapore agencies responsible for promoting the creative industries in Singapore, such as the National Arts Council (NAC), the National Heritage Board (NHB) and the National Library Board (NLB), through their various funding schemes.

In 2005, we were the first publishing company in Singapore to be awarded the “Partnership for Arts Businesses” grant by the NAC for the publication of the nine-volume “Selected Works of Tan Swie Hian”. The NAC also provided us with the “Publishing and Translation Grant” and “Presentation and Promotion Grant” to publish several of our literary titles. We have also published several children’s titles under the “First Time Writer and Illustrator Publishing Initiative” under the auspices of the Media Development Authority (MDA). We were also the first publishing company to be awarded two publication projects under the “Heritage Industry Incentive Programme (Hi2P)” by National Heritage Board (NHB) in 2007.

Strength in Editorial and Design

As a bilingual publishing company, we take pride in the professional editorial and design services that have helped us to gain the invaluable support and trust of many authors. Our greatest strengths lie in our creative editorial ideas, coupled with refreshing design and layout, that  have helped our books to stand out in the market and to be well-received by the readers. With our team of publishing professionals who specialises in both the English and Chinese language, we are uniquely positioned to produce publication in both languages.

Our strength in editorial and design is evident from the support we have received from many of our clients.  In 2004, we received support from the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) to produce and publish a book entitled “The Joy of Grandparenting” and was the finalist in the “Best Intergenerational Bonding Programme Award”. In 2005, we partnered Team Singapore from the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) to produce and publish a first-of-its-kind 12-book series called the “Singapore Sporting Icons” comprising of three titles in four official language editions.  The three titles are “In the Spotlight – Stories of Singapore Sports Celebrities”, “Achievements Off the Beaten Track – Stories of Singapore Sports Veterans” and “A Fledgling Sporting Singapore – Stories of Singapore Young Sports Talents”. We have also produced publications for the People’s Association (PA), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the Ministry of Education (MOE), schools and many other organisations. We also had the honour of publishing the books of two former China ambassadors to Singapore, and many other China officials and eminent personalities.

Strength in Production, Distribution and Publicity

After the creative process, we work with our partners to ensure the highest quality production at the most competitive prices for our authors. Once the books are printed — whether the author is an individual or an organisation which had commissioned the book — we work closely with our authors, advising on direct sales strategies and working through the various sales distribution channels. These include websites, bookstores and even schools, where the literary books we represent have proven to be especially popular and are often recommended by teachers for their schools’ supplementary reading programme.

Publicity is the key to raising awareness once a book is published and its success is often dependent on the combined efforts of both the author and the publisher. We act as our author’s representative to garner publicity for the book by leveraging on our extensive media contacts in order to arrange for book reviews and author interviews in both broadcast and print media. We also support our authors in organising book launches and book signing events as well as book talks, storytelling sessions and seminars.

We share a common objective with our authors in marketing the books to the target readers. This makes it a win-win situation for both author and publisher, and is also one way of extending our brand’s reach.