Adeline Yeo

Adeline Yeo is a TOP PSLE English Trainer with ISUN. She spends most of her time inculcating in Primary school children an innate want and need to excel in English while helping them to fall in love with the language. A self-confessed logophile (lover of words) and an avid artist, Adeline was previously a journalist and has always wanted to be an author since she was 5 years old.

With a flair for writing and an obession with words, Adeline now leads the life she has always dreamt of and continues to spread the essence of living one’s dreams to her beloved students. Grateful to have been blessed with the innate gift of having boundless imagination and a flair of language, Adeline is empowered by her mission to influence and change lives through the English Language.

Living life to its fullest, she is usually seen indulging in any and every activity: whipping up family meals, devouring a book while soaking in the music in a coffee house, learning a new language, playing music, pushing her body to its physical limits in sports, bringing her people and cat-loving Corgi out for long walks; and most importantly, spending time with her awesome and wonderful family.

Adeline is immensely grateful to her 2011 English Writing Class students as her interaction with them has given her the inspiration to write this book to help more PSLE students.